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::.. Escrever é um ócio trabalhoso ..:: -- Goethe

segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009


What is it about pessimists that optimists complain so much about? Shouldn´t it be the other way around?!?

Yeah, this got me thinking. With all due respect to my beloved optimistic friends, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Can´t you just be happy about everything and let my troubles and questions to myself? It´s ME who should be unconfortable or worried. But then they just won´t let it go until I pour it all on the table and they get bored by it all halfway the explanation.

The fact that having the choice of two evils I´ll pick both should be respected and not made fun of. This is the one thing I can´t forgive optimists: they´re partial. Only their positive observation of things is valid. Maybe it was right there what got me into being a pessimist: enjoying the control of all variables at hand and preparing myself for any outcome. What is to go wrong here?

Well, I´ll tell you right now: people´s expectations being thrown at you. I could tell them to suck it up and leave me alone, but then soon I get annoyed by the silence and quietness of the corner. So I throw myself back in that tide, keep on swimming to the shore and by the time I get there, I´m too tired to enjoy the view.

What can I say? I´m hopeless.